Thursday, June 30, 2011

Letter From Scarlet

To Rob Love, Love, Love, Kiss, Kiss:         
        I loved you from the minute I saw you.   Remember that day when Mom brought me home from her school?  She was a real nice lady and I am sure glad she took me from those people who were going to take me to the pound, but it was you I loved the most. I wanted to be by you all of the time. 
I love you for putting all those papers all over your floor when I was a puppy.  I love you for letting me sleep with you on your soft sheets with all those sheep on them.
I love you for coming to get me from the park down the street all of those times I got a little bit lost while I was trying to find you.
I love you for taking me to the beach so I could find my ball in the surf.  The water there didn’t scare me but that water in that big hole in the back yard did.  It tried to get me one time, remember? 
I love you for making those little kissy sounds that I could hear from anywhere.  I love you for taking me on walks so I could find special sticks to carry home when we were living in that tall house with those kitties. 
     I liked the kitties ok, but I loved when we found Leigh.
    Thank you for getting that little boat for me and for giving me rides to the shore so I could have a little rest from the big boat.
     I love you for letting me play with your socks. 
     I loved that you called me “Puppy” even when I wasn’t a puppy any more.

I love you for taking me with you, always.
        I love you for loving me.  I can feel your heart. 
If you sit really still and think about me, you will feel me beside you, and some times I will visit you when you sleep.        
      You might have a dream that I happen to be in, but sometimes I will come to visit you.      
    You will be able to tell the difference.
                     You and me---we are special.  

                                                     Love, Scarlet

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