Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trouble with Bubble Wrap

OK, so, I went to Home Depot to purchase some bubble wrap. 
A helpful employee directed me right to it.  It was sitting there on the shelf, folded and then rolled into tidy rolls with a paper band (slash) label around each one, displaying the handy bar code.  I picked up two, and headed for the checkout stand.  No time for looking around at all the wonderful Home Depot stuff today!   I was on a mission.
I opted for the self-checkout.  Isn’t technology wonderful?  I scanned one of my rolls of bubble wrap.  The machine genie told me it cost $6.49 and for me to place it in the bagging area.  I did so.
Then the computer genie got a bit perturbed with me.  She said for me to place my purchase in the bagging area.
“I did!” I said.
Suddenly, she declared that there were unauthorized objects in the bagging area.
I took the bubble wrap off of the bagging area.  By now the bubble wrap is not looking so tidy.
“Please place purchase in the bagging area.”
“FINE!” I placed the now unraveling bubble wrap in the bagging area.
“There are unauthorized objects in the bagging area!” she declared.
I removed the stuff, which has now decided to completely explode out of the neat little package it was in.  The guy behind me is having trouble suppressing his laughter.  I pick up the other roll of bubble wrap from the floor where I placed it while I tried to figure out what was up.  It explodes from its neat little roll.  I now decide to go to a person operated checkout stand so I shuffle over dragging eight feet of bubble wrap behind me.
The human checkout person tells me laughingly that the scales find it difficult to register something as light as the bubble wrap as she stuffs it into a bag.
Isn’t technology wonderful!?

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