Saturday, May 21, 2011

Adult ADHD

Today I went to my little situation room to get my hammer to hang a great new piece of art that my friend, Duane sent.  My computer called me to it and I checked my email and then went to check the laundry.  I took the clothes out of the dryer so I could put the sheets into it.  I carried the load into the bedroom and folded a shirt.  I decided that I was hungry so I left the laundry and went to the kitchen and got out the cottage cheese.  Yes, I am, thank you.
 I opened the lid. Went to the cabinet to get myself a plate, noticed that some trim on a bowl I have been working on didn’t look right so I put the plate down and began to manipulate the stuff on the bowl.  A few minutes later I heard a plane in the distance and knowing it was about time for Rob to return from Half Moon Bay, where he went to get fresh crab, I went outside on the deck to look for him.  After a minute or so of watching the sky, I looked down and saw the container, in which I catch rainwater, for watering the plants and rinsing my hair.  I scooped up a bit and headed for my plants. 
The first one I came to had the bugs-that-make-the–white-cottony-looking-stuff-disease, so I headed for the bathroom to get alcohol and cotton to get them off.  While heading for the plant with the alcohol and cotton, I saw the laundry on the bed, which reminded me that I didn’t put the sheets in the dryer yet, and one thing that can turn Richard into a little whiney-pest boy is to not have the bed ready when he wants to get into it, so I put the sheets in the dryer, leaving the alcohol and cotton beside the hammer in the laundry room.  I went looking for my water when I found the cottage cheese sitting on the counter.
I am not making a word of this up.  It didn’t end there!  I’m just getting tired of reliving it!  I know someone has passed something familiar around on the Internet, but to me? It wasn’t funny.  This is my life.  Everyday.

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