Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fixing up Ugly Boots

    Everyone around here wears these ugly black rubber boots that you can buy at the feed store for a whopping $10.00.  They are seen in the grocery store and oh, just everywhere. 
It was very wet last spring.
We had just finished moving in on May 5th when we heard it was already the wettest May in all recorded history.  By the 18th, I was wondering how many cubits an ark is supposed to be, and what exactly IS a cubit anyway?  Everything was soggy, even on the rare event when the rain wasn’t coming down.  Eventually, I caved in and I got myself a pair of those lovely boots.
    Being the person I am, I decided that MY boots needed a little something.  I went to Michaels and bought feathers, charms, leather strips, and fuzzy ribbon to jazz mine up a bit.
    I went right to work, poking holes around the tops of the boots and stringing the leather and ribbons through and tying on the charms and feathers.  The fringe hung down in various lengths.  The look was Native American meets plumber.  They were stunning.  I immediately went out for a slog down to the creek wearing my latest fashion statement. 
    Right away, I noticed a slight impracticality.  As I took each step and the boots passed by each other, the dangling charms and feathers grabbed on to each other and tangled up.  I had two choices.  I could walk with my legs spread reeeaally far apart or I could take little one-inch steps because my boots insisted upon tying themselves together.  Walking with ones legs far apart is not sensible anywhere, and absurd when walking on a rocky terrain.  When I returned from my walk, I gave my boots a haircut and saved the feathers and charms for something else.  (My hair?)
    I’m thinking puffy paint?

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