Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bought the Farm

Farm Report
There is an inspection of the Shasta County property happening as I write this.  Richard is pacing up and down with the phone in his hand waiting for Rob to call with the results, and, he hopes, other news. 
     I have put some books into boxes, only to be told the boxes are too heavy.  We have taken one carload of books to the library.  We will deliver one more load later.  I have started six piles of stuff that I want to give to people but I haven’t made a dent.  I am paralyzed.  I don’t know what to do next.
    During my teaching years, when it was time to go into my classroom to set it up for the new year, I always had to count on going in and spending one whole day sort of standing in the middle of the room and turning in circles wondering what to do and where to start.  I suppose I am doing this now only on a grander scale.
    The dynamics of this impending move are far reaching.  Every day another person cries.  The grandchildren are upset.  Martie feels abandoned.  Richard and I feel guilty, as well as burdened.  We also feel that this will eventually be a good move for all of us.  We will be down here often to check on things and visit.  I will miss Martie’s everyday presence.  She is my best friend.
    The fax has come with the report on the house.  Seems the cowboy who is selling has done his own electrical work.  (jerry-rigged)  He added the garage without a firewall.  There is a container of propane under the stove (much like our barbeque).  There is much to be done to this property.  I have insisted on a mold inspection, which is not included in the regular inspection.  I don’t think my asthma could take mold.  Everyone thinks I’m a weenie.  Richard could snort mold daily for weeks and never notice it. 
    Two days have passed since I began this entry.  We now have a well water report.  WELL?  Just exactly how does this well thing work?  What if my dogs wee-wee on the ground near this well thing?  Does this mean the dog wee will seep down into the well water?  Is this well lined with a thick anti-bacterial wall of cement?  Does the Sparklettes Water delivery truck come out that far?   I am a “City Okie”, as I have told you before. 
    Don’t any of you DARE plan a trip or cruise without letting us know!  I’ll need connections with civilization now and then during this adventure.

It’s just a part of life’s rich pageant!!!!!  

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