Saturday, July 9, 2011

Letter to Rachel

Dear Rachel Skye,
This is your Gigi, who misses you so, so much.  If Mommy ignores you when you say, “Nyet, nyet, nyet” just call me, OK?  You are my precious baby and I will give you anything you want.
    Here is a helpful reminder for you; If you get a stuffy nose, don’t let Mommy know or she will come after you with one of those fuzzy sticks that you hate.
    Also, if they make you eat things you don’t like, just call 894-3400. 
    If Mommy puts that scratchy dress on you just call me and I will save you.  We will sing together, and stay up late, and eat ice cream, and then go outside barefoot and look at the moon.
    I will teach you how to tap dance and how to say, “It was temporary insanity” when you get into trouble. We will read a thousand books and I will let you wear all of my jewelry at once.
    We are going to have a great time, you and I.
Your very own Gigi

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